Student Account Agreement

Read carefully! You cannot create a student account unless you agree with the terms.

Petrified Sole Used Book Store
Bulman Students’ Centre
0R05 – 515 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3B 2E9
Phone: 204-786-9774
Fax: 204-783-7080

Consignment Contract Conditions

• The Petrified Sole levies a 20% commission on all items tendered for sale
• Due to privacy policy, the person whose name appears on the contract and on the online account, is the only person authorized to collect monies, change price or receive unsold texts. Student card or other photo identification is required.
• Sellers may provide written authorization to allow individuals to receive paybacks or book returns on their behalf (Photo I.D. must be provided).
• It is the seller’s responsibility to be aware of their account and to keep information, such as email addresses, up to date for their account.
• The final date to pick up unsold texts and receive pay out will be March 31st. Any texts and monies that are not picked up by March 31st will become the property of the UWSA Petrified Sole. Consignors are responsible to keep track of the pick up date.
• Payment for sold books will be through your debit card.
• Your pay out will be ready 5 business days after the book has been sold, provided the book was not returned by the purchaser.
• Any sales verifications, price changes and book returns will be done in person and only if the store is not too busy.
• The Petrified Sole used bookstore will not be responsible for the deterioration of book conditions.
• The Petrified Sole reserves the right to limit the number of books that can be tendered for sale by any one person.
• It is our policy to sell used books at a lower price than what they sell for new. Any items that are priced too high will be removed from the shelves at the discretion of the manager.

The Petrified Sole Used Bookstore collects information from its consignees solely for the purpose of tracking their account. This information remains private and is not used in any other way.

I Do Not Agree, Cancel